A Ship for All Types of Parties & Events

  • Birthdays

  • Corporate Events

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Rent the ventura Pirate ship for your event!

A ship for all types of parties

Want to give your guests an unforgettable party experience? Rent the 25' Ventura Pirate Boat!

Birthday Parties

Kids LOVE the Pirate Boat... or Fairy Boat...or Dinosaur Boat, or WHATEVER Boat you want to create for your child! With a ship's wheel, a slide, and easy access, the Pirate Boat delivers a GREAT time for kids of all ages.


Weddings & Adult Parties

Love the ocean and want to get married on the sea but it's too inconvenient? Looking for a unique addition to your next barbecue or family reunion? You'll be sailing toward a fantastic gathering with our boat at your next event!


Festivals, Parades & Events

Whenever the theme calls for fun and adventure, the Ventura Pirate Boat is a great choice. It's appeared fully decorated as a parade float, at major festivals, and at museum and corporate events. Add your flare!


The Ventura Pirate Boat is perfect for your next event!

Built with safety in mind, this sturdy boat is a perfect addition to your next themed event. It has 12' masts, canvas sails, a spinning ship's wheel, mock cannons, a kids' slide, and plenty of deck space to seat about ten children or adults. It's easy to decorate with pennants, banners, and themed party decorations so you can create your own special look.

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The Pirate Boat is 25" long and welded to a trailer and is delivered straight to your location - all we need is access and a fairly level space. A low step and a railed staircase makes it easy for little ones or people with physical restrictions to climb on board.

We deliver to Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, and Carpinteria, as well as all of Ventura County, the Santa Clarita Valley, and Santa Barbara County.

Our Story

You may be wondering, how did someone decide to build a giant pretend boat and haul it around on a trailer?

Pirate Boat Ventura founder and designer, Scott Robinson, originally built the boat as a stationary Halloween attraction in his front yard as a fundraiser for a planned adoption. You see, Scott and his wife Judy, who also have a daughter in her 20s, have a young son born with Down Syndrome. They have such a heart for raising their special boy, Reece, that they wanted to open their home and family to another child with Down. Scott and Judy fell in love with a toddler in Bulgaria, an orphan languishing in a tragically underserved social system. With adoption costs ranging upwards of $30,000 or more, the Pirate Boat became a fun way to raise awareness of Down Syndrome as well as much-needed funding for the adoption.

A builder by trade, Scott would assemble and disassemble the boat each year before finally putting it on a custom-made trailer. The funds he raises through the ship are put toward the adoption, which we are happy to say went through in December 2013 with the adoption of Ryan Robinson!

Read the Robinson’s story in the Breeze.

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These are base prices, contact us so we can give you exact pricing for your event.

A Pirate for
Your Special Day
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Your very own pirate
  • For the full pirate effect, our very own costumed pirate will host the ship for your event! Yar! Avast ye, matey!
A Ship for Festivals, Parades & Events
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One-Day or MultiDay Events
  • We’ll bring the pirate ship to your location to enhance your festival or event. Consider adding a pirate appearance for the full effect!


See what some of our wonderful clients say about the Ventura Pirate Boat
Kellie Meehan
Searle Creative Group

I secured the Pirate Boat for a client to use as a parade float. Elected officials rode comfortably on deck and it was a huge hit with both the client and parade spectators! A totally unique and wonderful parade entry and Scott was so professional and accommodating. I recommend the boat for your next event.

Nicole B.
Event: Child's Birthday Party

The Ventura Pirate Boat was a huge hit with the kids, they loved it! Scott is very professional and a pleasure to work with!

For more information

Please contact Scott Robinson at (805) 815-5858 or email below